Kid’s bikes everywhere

I did this little video for a couple of reasons, firstly to see what my updated ‘ident’ looked like actually on something and secondly simply to test out some techniques and capabilities from a video perspective. I’ve not done many YouTube uploads either, and so far I’m not particularly impressed. Some people think you can get as good a video as Vimeo, but I certainly haven’t found that yet! So this video has weird artifacts that aren’t there in the original. (More info below).

So the ident turned out okay, not exactly amazing, but a quick spruce up of the original one, I have an idea for something much more funky, but it’ll take a while to sort it.

It was a lovely sunny day and the kids bikes were liberally scattered round the garden. It doesn’t help that we have more bikes than children (and we have 4 of those!), but that’s because they always seem to be growing into the next one.

Bright sun and dark shade are hard to reproduce in video cameras, unless you pay serious money, so that was one of the things I was testing, how far can you go? The end shot is a little blown out, but I wanted to keep some information in the shadows.

I also wanted to practise some focus pulling and creating smooth ‘dolly’ shots with with my Glidetrack slider ( – I’ll be reviewing some of my kit at some point soon.

The video was edited and coloured in Sony Vegas 8 (The link is for version 9, which I haven’t upgraded to yet). I like this program for editing, audio and quick ‘treatments’. But Adobe Premiere and After Effects are much better for more complex video alteration/creation – the ident was done in After Effects CS3 (Again I don’t quite have the dosh to upgrade yet).

Testing cameras, techniques and your own capabilities is really important. You get good at something through practise, whether that be music, photography or video. So what am I doing writing this? Better get creative…


Sabre Baby

A very short clip – blink and you’ll miss it – of my smallest daughter attacking her sister with a light sabre. I actually came across the original footage I’d recorded by accident, not realising it was on the tape. So I decided to practise a bit of rotoscoping in After Effects, added some fake smoke and some sound effects – it’s amazing how much time you can waste just on 6 seconds!!

YouTube also seemed to make a mess of recompressing this, might try and improve it if I get chance.

Remember, keep it fun!



Finally got this old video up on YouTube. If I were to redo it now, or even just re-edit and colour correct etc., it would look quite different. But you have to learn!

See below the video for a bit more info…

The script was mostly written by Richard Gamble, I then visualised that and planned all the shots etc. I operated the camera (A Sony PD150 or 170 can’t remember which) on the day whilst Rich directed the ‘talent’ – Richard Jones. The little boy is my lovely son Levi – he has a funny walk at the end, it was freezing and windy! Rich and I then edited together – lots of hours, but I really really enjoyed working on it with Rich. I then did some colouring and the titles etc.

I also wrote the first couple of chords for the music, but my good friend Dave Palmer did the rest – the video was no where near as good without the music, he did a good job. Dave was also the soundman on the day.

Another friend, Paul France, helped out with lots of bits and pieces on the filming day – helpers are essential with stuff like this.

I learnt a lot doing this; that I love working with others; that we need each other; that creating videos is hard work, but also incredibly fulfilling and fun! I love doing photography, commercial videos, graphics and design. But if anyone would like to work hard and be fulfilled creating some stuff for fun, please let me know!

A young cinematographer: Ryan E Walters always signs off ‘Until next time, get out there and shoot.’ That is exactly how Roadmap occurred and led me into media for work. If you’re creative in any way, get out there and do it!