Anything you find

A triptych of a glass candle holder containing different coloured wax
A triptych of a glass candle holder containing different coloured wax

… – or is it?

The post is entitled ‘Anything you find’ because these candles/holders have been in my bedroom for ages and I’ve always been fascinated by both the glass and the wax inside it. I love the way the light comes through the glass – I’m also amazed by the caustics (patterns) glass can make as light shines through it, but more on that another time – and I love the translucent nature of the wax, it almost looks crystaline (I don’t know if it is).

There is something deeper about this image though,can you spot it? Taking a butcher’s at my flickr stream will give you a clue!

I’m going to challenge myself to taking photos and video of things ‘in my vicinity’ and seeing what I find. Even in taking this image though I’ve discovered that to get something good can take time. The number of times I’ve taken a photo and then upon closer inspection found the object to be dirty (not in a good way), smudged, smeared, mouldy!?. Sometimes you can get great ‘in the moment’ photos. Other times you have to work at it; clean the dust, move the dead leaf that spoils the picture or the bit of grass in the way of a flower.

I’ll also admit, I didn’t take the photo ‘in situ’ either. I moved the holders to a position where I could get the sun shining behind them and take the picture straight on. On a film you don’t find the crew just turning up and turning the camera on to what they find, they painstakingly craft the image using lights and reflectors, make-up artists, scene artists etc. etc. Even a bit of effort before pressing the shutter can make a difference.

So see what’s around you, then make an effort to get a good picture and see what you get.