A daughter’s pebble

Wet pebble from the garden on black leather
A pebble my daughter found, washed and photographed

Well I took my own challenged of finding ordinary objects and finding the ‘beauty’. I found this pebble in our lounge! My 21 month old daughter has a habit of collecting pebbles, stones and the odd large rock – whilst at the beach we found her wandering across the sand with a rock about the same weight as her (She’s quite a strong lass), simply saying “tone, tone” (She still drops initial letters).

At first glance this pebble was dirty and ordinary, with a bit of a dust off it became more interesting and then I washed it. It’s amazing what a bit of water can do for a subject; see this Chookooloonks blog entry After the storm

Heh, heh, also just realised the photo caption makes it sound like my daughter washed and photographed the pebble! Definitely not, she is known as ‘Lottie the destroyer’ for good reason!