…me and this site…

Keep it simple.

I’m going to share me.  Which can be a bit complex, but I’m going to work on making it simple.  What you find here is going to be very eclectic, like my brain.

The majority of the media (Videos and images) and advice is free for you to use how you please – if possible please provide attribution, but don’t let that stop you using it. The odd image will be copyrighted (Mainly of my kids), but you can probably still use it, just drop me a line to tell me what it’s for first!

I’ll say right now that I follow Jesus Christ and what you find here will often be inspired by that – I hope you find something of Jesus in what I do. I also want to share what I’ve learnt over the years, whether that be in business, creative arts, spiritual walk or just life!

About me: I have 5 kids and a lovely, understanding wife.  I am currently part of the executive team at CRT (www.crtviewpoint.com for more!) and have far too many interests and hobbies.

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