The full armour

A short while ago I was finding things were getting a bit on top of me, I was feeling a bit worn and weary.  I remember it clearly, I was in the car running some kind of errand, feeling tired, and I had a little chat with God about it.

Lord, I feel weary, I feel like I’m in a battle

God often talks back to me very clearly, this time was no different.  He said (Slightly paraphrased as I can’t remember exactly)

Errr, yes, yes you are…why would you think anything different?  Why would I give you my armour if you aren’t in a battle?

Well, that answered that question then.  We are in a battle, that’s why it’s hard some times.  Of course, we get to win it, because Jesus has already won the whole thing, but right in the here and now we’re fighting a battle, whether we recognise it or not.

In Ephesian 6 verses 11-13, Paul tells us to put on the full armour of God.  In fact it’s so important he tells us twice in quick succession!

There are two things I want to pick up on in that phrase: firstly, it’s the full armour.  It’s a Greek word, ‘panoplian’ , that comes from panoply, which means the full armour and weapons too, of a heavily-armed soldier.  This is not a few bits and bobs of half-hearted protection.  But the real deal, we’ve got everything covered, defensive AND offensive, full-on armoury of a professional soldier.  Hopefully I’ll get to a more full explanation of what’s in it another time.

The second thing is that it’s God’s armour.  Not a cheap imitation, not something that will break, tarnish or rust, the best armour, forged in the holy fire of God.

So, next time you feel a bit weary, that you’re in a battle and it’s hard, just check that you’re suited up in the best armour and kitted out with the best weaponry there is.  Then you’ll be able to stand against the devil’s schemes.



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