Vibrant Day

I recently took 3 of my 4 kids out to the park, it was fresh and cool, but very clear. The sky was an amazing pure blue. As the season was heading toward winter the sun hangs low in the sky all day, meaning you get a kind of ‘golden hour‘ light most of the time – most of the time it’s not grey or raining of course.

My current youngest (we are awaiting our 5th daughter) was happily climbing about on quite a high platform, giving a great perspective from below. The vibrant colour of her coat was a great complement to the vibrant blue sky. The yellow bars of the slide that she was attempting sets it off nicely.

Vibrant Day
Vibrant Day

She’s a cheeky thing. She has these looks that indicate mischief being on her mind. Although it looks like she is about to go down the slide, I’d often be there encouraging – and ready to take a photo – and then she would run off and giggle, definitely her own personality.

I again ‘developed’ this in the Adobe Lightroom Beta, which I’m enjoying more as it stops you fiddling with the image like you might in photoshop. Limiting what you can do (and yet making it easier) actually makes you think more about what you’re doing. I didn’t do a lot to this photo, bit of a vignette, slight increase in saturation and contrast. I very slightly increased the exposure on the left eye, just a subtle change really helped.

Must get more of my other kids…


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