Autumn has arrived

Autumn Plastic Frog
Autumn Plastic Frog

Well Autumn has most definitely arrived. There were a few days where we had glorious sunshine and on occasion temperatures you might even consider balmy. However, the temperature has dropped as have the leaves, the nights are darkening and Autumn is in full flow.

I like Autumn, it’s fresh and you get beautiful colours as leaves turn from green, to red, to brown.

The image above at full resolution is not what I would consider technically perfect – but here’s the thing, does it capture what I was after? And the answer is yes! Reduced and softened with a bit of colour correction and it looks really Autumnal – which is what I wanted!

In Photoshop try using different layers with different blending modes. Blur the upper layer, reduce the transparency and see what you get. Trying things out in Photoshop is important as you never know when you might want to use the effect another time, even if not now. It would be interesting to see the most used techniques or the ones everyone wishes they knew!

So don’t throw out a photo without thinking – maybe you can stylise it somehow and still get an eye catching image.


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