To Photoshop or to not

Dramatic tree and sky combination
Dramatic tree & Sky Photo?

Some people struggle with the idea of altering images with Photoshop (and yes I’m using ‘Photoshop’ as a verb too, seems the thing to do nowadays). For me it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you end up with a beauftiful or striking or thought provoking etc, etc, image. I’ve seen some amazing images that are completely computer generated – does that make it any less ‘art’. I’ve seen some ‘art’ that is simply just four squares painted in different shades of red – is that art?

The film ‘Wall-E’ was beautiful in my opinion and deserves a nomination for its cinematography – note, not in the CGI category but proper cinematography. In fact they had one of my favourite real world cinematographer’s, Roger Deakins, as a consultant.

So on this blog you’ll see examples of photos with subtle changes to enhance them and you’ll see stuff completely computer generated too – the same goes for videos and animations. I just love art in its many forms.

So yes, this image was changed fairly heavily – but how?


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